What is RE:?

An acronym of "Regenerative Medicine"

regenerative medicine

regenerative medicine

“RE:” is an acronym of ‘Regenerative Medicine’ and it means to return to his or her natural well-being and true beauty through regeneration. This does not mean that the effect and result are to be visibly shown and disappear within a short period of time, but signifies regenerative medical treatment that the effects of treatment are maximized after a certain period of time and sustained semi-permanently.

“RE:" was created with the following patients and doctors’ sincere desire and willing heart.

RE: Health Regainig Desire of returning to my young days of healthy shape and body
RE: Beauty Redeeming Desire of returning to my young days of beauty
RE: Doctor Desire of returning as a respected doctor purely with competence, not depending upon marketing

Furthermore, “RE:” has conducted the following research until now in order to make all above wishes to be realized.

1. Animal testing using mini pig
2. In-vitro experiment using human fat
3. Histological testing with MASH type of thread and research on factor examinations
4. Research on synergy effect of the existing products (filler, botox, PRP, etc.) and complex cosmetic procedures

As a result of above research, “RE:” launched a new product, “RE: Thread”, using PDO polydioxanone as a cell regeneration and then brought about a revolution on facial V-Line procedure in 2012. Now, its effectiveness proved to be sensational even in diet market applied to many parts such as skin wrinkle care, rhinoplasty, abdominal, side, forearm and calf fat.