• About F-RAY

What is F-RAY?

F-RAY is applicable to existing cosmetic surgeries supporting diagnosis and confirmation of results
easily and apparently to meet both clinics
and patients’ needs.


F-RAY ModeBefore & Afters

check symmetry, volume, wrinkles and laxity of skin all at once.
F-RAY images of Before & Afters Dermal Fillers Improved asymmetric shape
after dermal fillers treatment
Face Lifting Lifted facial contourafter laser
Dermal Fillers Eased asymmetric shape and
Botox Treatment Reduced uplifted temples after
botox tretment

Before & After

Thread Lifting

N-COG Royal_21GX100mm, N-Scaffold_21GX100mm

Eased asymmetric shape and volume.


Portraite Mode

Equal quality and even beyond naked eye.


UV Mode

UV capturing mode to check invisible blemishes.
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Seven Photographing Angles (front, right, left, 30°, 45°, 60°)

Patented cephalostat enables doctors to fix forehead and chin
in seven photographing angles. Try more accurate analysis
through diversely captured images by different angles of each
different procedure and surgical field.

Customised Cephalostat fitted different face contour

Cephalostat for forehead and chin, enabled to adjust multi-dimensional positions on up, down, back and forth makes face to be fixed on the right position.

Cephalostat for Forehead
Available on up, down,
ackand forth

Cephalostat for chin
Available on back and forth

Cephalostat for Forehead
Horizontal and central

18.0 Mega Pixel High-Resolution Image

Patented lens make it easy to capture minute spots and
wrinkles and print high-defined images.

Moire Filter Patented and exclusive

As a newly designed skin diagnostic equipment, ‘F-RAY’, Beyoung have registered patents for
exclusive Moire Filter, after years of research for expression of clear and precise contour line.

Constant Quality Image irrelevant to surrounding environment

Patented and unique case and blackout installation make it possible to capture images with equal
brightness and contrast without certain condition of light, time, place and weather.

Simple Capturing Mode taking only 2 seconds

It is fast to capturing image, only in 2 seconds. Without education, F-Ray is easy and fast to be