About PRP

What is PRP? 'platelet-rich plasma'
PRP gives an injection of concentrated platelet to ligaments, cartilage after separating platelet with centrifuge from a blood sample of a patient

platelet-rich plasma

What is PRP?

PRP is an acronym of Platelet Rich Plasma and it signifies treatment method that re-injects his or her own extracted blood plasma and platelet after concentrating them. It has originally been used as cartilage regeneration, relaxation of articulation, regeneration of articulation tissue, etc. It also makes use of 2~7 times more concentrated blood plasma than normal one as it contains more than 1 million platelets per 1ml. Seven of basic protein growth factors, secreted from platelets when injury is treated, are also concentrated in it and three of proteins (fibrin, fibronectin, vitronectin) are included that works for cell adhesion. PRP leads to regeneration of damaged tissue by activating naturally healing process in human body, and is also used for reduction of pain and inflammation and chronic ligament and muscle problems. It is a simple and fast treatment so widely used as recovery treatment for injured athletes as its regeneration speed gets 2~3 times faster than other general ones. Another benefit of PRP is that patients can resume normal daily activities without any needs to be hospitalized. Recently, PRP is widely used in aesthetic and cosmetic purposes as it is shown to be very effective to PRP inflammatory treatment, and skin regeneration.

platelet-rich plasma

The effectiveness of PRP has been proved by a variety of research. PRP is conducted by extracting his or her own blood, separating blood cells, platelets, blood plasma via centrifugation. Then, growth factors filled with platelets are chosen and these concentrated platelets and blood plasma are to be injected in particular part that we want. This procedure is evidently not using artificial substances, so it is one of the safest and most effective procedures with few or no side effects such as allergy and infection found.

  • Normal peripheral blood

  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Benefits of PRP procedure
  1. 01

    Fundamental treatment method

    It activates natural healing process in human body, involves in regenerating process of damaged tissues and fundamentally reduces pain and inflammation. It is especially appropriate for the people with chronic ligament and muscle problems.

  2. 02

    Strong power of healing

    It induces strong regeneration by directly injecting concentrated growth factor, which is extracted from his or her own blood, into damaged tissue

  3. 03

    Fast and simple treatment method

    Its healing and regenerating speed is two or three times faster than other general treatment methods, so it helps athletes’ quick recovery from injuries. Return to daily life right after medical procedure is possible without any additional hospitalization.

  4. 04

    Safe treatment

    A patient is treated using his own blood, so it is safe treatment as side effects such as allergy and infection rarely happen. (No problem at all with a dope test)

Effects of PRP

PRP shortens the process of wound healing, so reduces the time and number of treatment.

Effects of PRP
Wound healing and pain relief effects of PRP
Wound healing and pain relief effects of PRP
Activated role of platelet
Activated role of platelet
  1. 01

    Sterilizing effect

    By calling in macrophage, resistant is formed and growth of bacteria is restrained

  2. 02

    Specialization of epithelial cell

    Systematization linked with a bundle of collagens. Induce integration with more bundles of collagens in case collagens are reorganized

  3. 03

    Enhance operating characteristics of auto-grafting. Increase engraftment of filler, autologous fat transplantation, and hair transplant

  4. 04

    Stimulate chemotactic movement of stem cell. That is to say, make the cells as human body’s requirements by stimulating cell division through movement, division, regeneration of stem cell and by effectively generating growth factor

  1. 05

    Promote angiogenic factor synthesis

  2. 06

    Concentration of signaling protein induces increase, and division occurs by calling in cells to the wound

  3. 07

    Sustain normal continuity and integrity within blood vessel of capillary

  4. 08

    Accelerate and activate blood clotting and Fibrin formation

  5. 09

    Promote a healing of blood vessel by PDGF. Stimulate movement of endothelial cell and smooth muscle production

  6. 10

    With growth factors including PDGF, play an important role in wound recovery and inflammation by releasing vascularization materials that regulates/controls functions of Serotonine and neutrophils

  7. 11

    Highly enriched platelet contains a great amount of growth factor and Cytokine that specialize and regenerate damaged tissue cells, so it enhances wound healing effects

Applications of PRP
  1. 01

    Research & Development

    Separation of cell, autotrophic cell and autologous stem cell culture, cell differentiation, tissue regeneration, reconstruction of treatment

  2. 02

    Dental Clinic

    Odontectomy implant, artificial tooth implant, bone implant, implant

  3. 03

    Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

    Tissue regeneration, treatment of fine lines, scar regeneration, anti-aging, skin-lightening, autoplastic fat transplantation, burn

  4. 04

    Ophthalmic Clinic

    Regeneration after Lasek operation, xerophthalmia

  5. 05

    Orthopedics & Rehabilitative Medicine

    Pains after surgery, Sports rehabilitation, pain, strengthening ligaments, decrease of inflammation, chronic pain treatment

PRP Platelet-rich plasma

What is PRP? 'platelet-rich plasma'
PRP gives an injection of concentrated platelet to ligaments, cartilage after separating platelet with centrifuge from a blood sample of a patient

prp treatment

Benefits of PRP procedure
  1. No side effects such as infection or allergy compared to other medical procedures
  2. Natural effects last for 6 months ~ one year
  3. Increase of synergy effects when other medical procedures are conducted together at the same time
  4. No negative effect on daily life after procedure
  5. The period of medical procedure is short and simple for about 20 ~ 30 minutes
  6. Simple injection treatment, no surgery like skin incision
prp treatment
1. Cosmetic Treatment
2. Pain Treatment
  1. Shoulder
    1. Rotator cuff tendon, impingement
    2. Ant. & Post. band of IGHL
    3. ACJ, SCJ and C-C ligament
    4. SLAP lesion

  2. Elbow
    1. Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
    2. Medial epicondylitis

  3. Wrist and Hand
    1. Wrist ligaments
    2. TFCC 3. Finger ligament and tendons
  1. Hip
    1. Hip joint : impingement, arthritis
    2. Ligaments of hip 3. Hamstrings

  2. Knee
    1. Cartilage: Arthritis, Chondromalacia patellar
    2. Meniscus
    3. Ligament: MCL, LCL, ACL, PCL
    4. Tendon: Patellar

  3. Ankle & Foot
    1. Ankle ligament
    2. Ankle joint
    3. Plantar Fasciitis
    4. Achilles tendinosis


Advanced Platelet Rich Plasma Concentrator

prolo 30

prolo 30
  1. Model No. : PS CAB-ONE 30
  2. Certification Approved by CE, ISO 13485.9001.14001 KFDA, GMP.
  3. Package 10EA / BOX
  4. Validity 2 Years (Manufacturing date is put on the product.)
  5. Volume : 15 ~ 30 cc
  6. Origin - Made in Korea
Benefits of RE: PROLO 30
  1. Trustworthy

    Approved of CE, ISO, KFDA, GMP

  2. Safe

    Produced in completely sterilized clean room without any chemicals and additives by gamma radiation

  3. Accuracy

    Easy to control concentration of PRP and extract buffy coat very accurately

  4. Popular

    Pioneer of regenerative medicine market in Korea

  5. Approved

    The effectiveness has been proved by every kind of clinical research

How to use PRP
  • Preparation

    RE:Prolo30 kit, Anti-coagulant, Syringe, Weight, Centrifuge

  • Venipuncture

    A. Draw 3cc of anti-coagulant with 30cc syringe before venipuncture
    B. Follow standard venipuncture procedure

  • Injection

    A. Open the sealing-stick and secure the space of lower part before blood injection.

    (Notice : Letting the adjust-handle down to “0” level)

    B. Inject the blood into the kit through the extraction channel after disinfect

    the nozzle with alcohol swap

  • Scale

    A. Weigh blood-filled kit

    B. Put water into counterbalance kit as much as blood-filled kit.

    C. Kit should be set opposite each other as shown in a picture.

  • Separation/Centrifuge

    Centrifugal 3,000rpm / 5min.

  • PRP Preparation

    Close the sealing-stick and raise the

    buffy coat layer up to above the

    extraction channel using the


  • Extraction

    A. Extract 0.1~0.3cc of buffy coat

    B. Draw desirable amount of plasma through the other nozzle

    Mix extract buffy coat and plasma to secure enough amount of PRP

RE: PROLO 30 Various kinds of medical procedures
  1. 01

    Direct Inject PRP

    A procedure which directly injects a large amount of PRP into particular skin part, and regenerates skin by stimulating skin growth and leading cell activation

  2. 02

    Fraxel laser + PRP

    A procedure which stimulates dermis with fraxel laser, spreads or injects PRP, and maximizes the above effects

  3. 03

    Mejoroller + PRP

    A procedure which stimulates dermis with mejoroller in which needles are embedded, spreads or injects PRP, and maximizes the above effects

  4. 04

    RF + PRP

    A procedure which increase absorption of PRP with RF, and maximizes skin-lifting effects

  5. 05

    Fat transplantation + PRP

    A procedure which enhances the possibility of engraftment as PRP promotes differentiation of fat cell and maximizes effects of transplantation of fat when adipocyte stem cell and PRP are transplanted together