Seminar 20.06.25
N-Finders international Webinar for PDO thread 20.06.25


N-Cog International Webinar 2020.06.25(thursday) 2PM KST

How To Smooth Deep Forehead Lines: 
Easy & Effective Wrinkle-Fighting Tips
N-Finders Academy is dedicating the upcoming LIVE webinar to key industry players.
The international webinar features an exclusive discussion between our thread users and speakers on how we could move forward from now.
Get the rare insights and strategies from the top experts in this must-attend online course. You can also send your questions during webinar to get the answer for your questions on LIVE.

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Hosung Choi M.D.

PIENA Aesthetic Clinic (Cosmetic Surgeon, Chief Director)
Chief Board Member of Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society
Chief Board Member of Korean Academy of Facelift & Contouring
Global Key Doctor of MERZ Aesthetics (Radiesse?, Belotero?, Ultherapy?)
Global Key Doctor of SINCLAIR PHARMA (Silhouette Soft?, ELLANSETM)
Global Training Instructor of LG Chem (YVOIRE? Y-Solution)
Global Training Instructor of Pharma Research Product (Rejuran?, Cleviel?)
Clinical Training Instructor of ExoCoBio (ASCE+?)






Date : 2020-06-25

Location : WEBINAR

Sponsor : N-FINDERS

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